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Gratefully there are resources available to aid you on your journey to health. Everyone is unique, but I found these very helpful on mine and wanted to share with you (along with an exclusive discount). —Irene


Home Hormone Testing

Mira is the at home technology that is used to test FSH, LH, Progesterone and Estrogen levels.

It is FDA approved and can assist women in managing symptoms of PMS, PCOS, Perimenopause and Menopause.

It gives you control of understanding your levels and how to manage them. 


This is what Irene used as tool to manager her hormones after surgical menopause.

Use discount code: MENOCOACHING for $40 off

Science-Backed Nutrition

Food is medicine.  Eating Sakara has allowed me to eat nutrient dense foods that helped me balance my gut, mood and my hormones.

Use discount code: IRENESAKARA for 20% off 1st order

MenoWell Circle.png

Power Food for the Pause

MenoWell Energy + Protein Bars are delicious plant-powered, low calorie and gluten-free snacks or mini-meals created specifically to help women manage sugar cravings, energy levels, and stubborn weight gain during the challenging stages of menopause.

10% discount good for one use per customer on purchases over $15

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