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"What I Wish I Knew"
Video Coaching On-Demand

The purpose of this 10-part video series is to inform and empower you with information that will guide you on your menopausal transition. It is intended for you to take control of your healing through perimenopause, menopause, and surgical menopause.

This video library is a guide to fully understanding your hormonal system and how it is connected to many different parts of your body as well as your mind and spirit. It is to provide you with a deep understanding of what causes symptoms, Irene's real life experiences and suggestions for how to approach hormonal balance. Listeners can leverage this information to become educated, make informed choices, and take back control of their health.


I'm so grateful to be part of your healing journey. 

6 Month Access to All Videos:


NOTE:   The video series is designed to be viewed in sequence as each video builds upon the next.

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